The Dublin High Schools Fencing Club starts on September 18, 2013 and has two semesters. Sept to Dec and January to April. The cost is $249 per semester. To sign-up contact Advisor/Instructor: Simon Birkhoff (Coffman Language Arts Teacher DCHS Room B273) see contract button for e-mail or visit the club on Wednesdays at:

Columbus Fencing & Fitness, LLC
Dublin Village Center
6655 Dublin Center Drive
Dublin, OH 43017
Phone 614-FENCING (614-336-2464)

Equipment: Columbus Fencing and Fitness provides jackets masks, gloves, sabers and foils for practice, however fencers will eventually need to purchase their own equipment. In order to participate in tournaments, they will need to purchase at least the following: Long athletic socks, Breast Protector for females/Athletic Cup for males. The club has limited quantities of the following items that can be used for tournaments: Mask, Jacket, Knickers, Plastron/Under arm protector, Lame for foil and saber, Body cords (2 needed if one fails), Electric Weapons (2 needed if one fails). However, serious fencers are expected to purchase their own equipment!
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